the conservation
of sacred earth


Grow Medicine is a project of the Indigenous Medicine Conservation Fund

Is built on these pillars:

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    Right Relationship
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    Indigenous Sovereignty
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    Bio-cultural Diversity
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    Plant Medicine Conservation
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    Protection of land and territory

To sacred earth medicines

Grow medicine is an educational and donation-based platform.

Grow medicine’s mission is to help educate the psychedelic and plant medicine community about the importance of embodying right relationship with indigenous cultures that have an ancestral relationship with sacred plant medicines.

Grow medicine offers the community an opportunity to embody right relationship by giving back and making a donation to trusted organizations that support indigenous sovereignty, bio-cultural diversity, and plant medicine conservation.

Supporting Indigenous peoples and their biocultures to thrive for generations to come.

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Launch date 21st of may 2022

Peyote may take 10 years or more to regenerate and produce fruit after harvesting.
Overharvesting from “tourists” threatens the peyote supply, and as a result, also imperils huichol religious traditions, which rely so heavily on the sacred plant.

Mission of


for their ancestral knowledge and wisdom

and value the dynamic relationship that

indigenous peoples have with sacred medicines,

as they are grown and cultivated

within the context of their ancestral traditions.

The iboga plant takes 7–10 years to mature. Exponential demand of iboga in western culture drives up
the prices so high that it prevents the local gabonese people from having access to their own
medicine. This results in unethical poaching to the degree that iboga grown in the wild is almost extinct.



After you drink a cup of ayahuasca, consider: a vine was harvested to make this medicine.
It takes about 7–10 years for a new vine to reach maturity in order to be harvested again.


Before or after

you work with a

sacred earth medicine,

  • 1
    Open the mobile-friendly site
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    Click on the earth medicine that you want to support.
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    Donate your desired amount.


If you are an organization

or venture capital fund investing in the

psychedelic space and would like to

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to grow medicine, please email us: